Asbestos Abatement

Especially challenging today is the safe elimination of asbestos from a site. Our team will assess the extent of asbestos contamination and then detail plans for its removal. From the encapsulation of expose asbestos, to the removal and disposal of contaminated materials, our licensed and OSHA trained workforce utilizes state-of the art equipment, materials, and facilities to handle any asbestos problem. Finally, we will re-institute or dismantle the no asbestos-free site as needed.

Asbestos abatement included removal of thermal and surface insulation from pipes, boilers, water tanks, and mechanical equipment, in addition to floor tile, fire proofing, transite panels, and roofing materials.



Whether it is an interior demolition or a sophisticated exterior dismantling, we can do it all. Our job is not over after the demolition is completed. We take care of your site and waste removal needs. All materials are classified and segregated for recycling and the hauled properly disposed, you can rest assured that environmentally-conscious waste remediation, including any hazardous materials left in the solid, tanks, or pipes, will be handled within the strictest of legal guidelines. Once a site is clear and free of toxins, we back fill, top soil, and seed. Just imagine the rime and cost savings of letting Superior Abatement Inc. manage your entire demolition job.


Lead Abatement

Superior Abatement Inc. is certified to conduct lead-based paint abatement by the United Stated Environmental Protection Agency.